Saturday, 28 March 2015



It's been a while since I've done a life post and to be honest I've got so much to share it's been a bit of a whirlwind. My job that I haven't posted about much since I started it back in October has been progressing really well. There's a lot of training and it can be hard work, sometimes all I can do when I finish is get home and sleep! But I'm so much happier than I was in my old job and the people I work with are really nice.

As part of my job I will be travelling around visiting customer sites to provide things like training and assistance - cue lots of meals out that work have paid for. I have been loving trying out lots of new restaurants but I don't think my expanding waistline will be!


I've mainly been to Salisbury so far which wasn't somewhere I had been before - I stopped at Bills for food which was good as I'd never been there and their pink lemonade was beautiful! The bottle was cute to start with the but it tasted amazing and I love that they put fruit in with it too.

The food was also amazing and I had the chicken, winter coleslaw and sweet potato chips. I was so hungry but after this I was full and could have slept for hours - the best kind of feeling.



I've also been checking out the Wagamamas - salmon yaki soba is my new favourite thing! My mum does a similar meal with salmon, stir fried veg and noodles but this is also really good. It's my favourite kind of food!

I have also tried to have a walk most evenings to get some fresh air and attempt to combat the food I've been scoffing. Doing some wandering ensured that I cam across the beautiful Salisbury Cathedral. It's a shame it's always been dark when I've been there as I imagine it would look beautiful in daylight and I'd love to see inside too.



Totally changing topic me and M went to our friends for an overnight stay and I decided to make some snacks to take with us - being Harry Potter obsessed I made some biscuits using my mums owl shaped cutter, they were just like shortbread and a definite hit!

With this month's pay day I was determined not to spend my money on make up, I need to save some money and also work through my massive pile of products. I've been looking into buying a house (more on this soon!) and one thing I really want is a massive bookcase. I have tonnes of books, new and old leather type ones that I'd love to make a feature of.

The Barnes and Noble books are something that you just cannot ignore, not only do they have most childhood books available but also the classics too. I can't rave about them enough and the Alice in Wonderland book was my faovurite.....until I saw these online and had to buy them!


Gray's Anatomy is the absolute Bible for any medic interested individual. It even has plenty of anatomy drawings, some points are outdated so using this to teach yourself medicine would be a bad idea but nevertheless its very interesting and one that I just had to have on my shelf.

I also couldn't help but notice the beautiful Secret Garden book too, it had a few % off on Amazon and also there weren't many left so I panicked and snapped one up!



I love the covers as they are but the quote on the back is lush!


I'm finishing today's post with a picture of my dog after an extremely rainy walk - my parents went away for a holiday and left us in charge, the horrible weather and being ditched by my dad left him looking a little bit sad! Look at those eyes!

What have you all been up to recently?

L xxx

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Friday, 27 March 2015

Fitness Friday: Fit Clothes Wishlist

Hey there! 

Today's post is MUCH later than planned courtesy of a mental week (house buying eek!) and my birthday so today's post is a wishlist of all of the new sportswear that I'm seeing all over the shops at the moment. it's too beautiful to ignore and I am sure I need some new bits to add to my collection and give me some more motivation to keep fit.

Florence and Fred (F&F) have an amazing range of sportswear that I had no idea about!
Here's a few favourites of their range:


The sports bra is really cute and only £12, the matching leggins arre only £15!
They also have some great basics and their neon coloured trainers look really cool too, especially for only £20!

Body Science is a new brand to me but I've seen lots of their leggings and bras on the internet recently; and it's not hard to see why!


These bras cost £36 each and are beautiful, I'm not brave enough to just wear these in the gym but they'd look fab under a black vest too! Hazel Wallace is modelling the camo bra and I've previously featured her in a Fitness Friday post here!

I also love their leggings which are mostly black and have patterns running through them, this is the Dahlia print leggings (view from the back shown) and they come in at £80.
You can find them here at Active in Style.

Lorna Jane is another brand I've heard of courtesy of Hazel Wallace and their Avana Excel tank top is definitely on my wishlist, Spring colours and a clever cut in at the waist to make you appear slimmer, lovely! This tank top is £40.

I love the patterns on these leggings and bra too, how can you not want to wear them?!


Leggings are £63 and the bra is £41.

I have definitely spent my birthday money 10 times over in my head after researching these! I love the new floral prints and brighter colours, everyone needs a bit more colour in their life right!

Which one is your favourite? Have you heard of these brands before? Did you know Florence and Fred did active wear?

I love that there are so many more options now for sports wear on the high street!

L xxx

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Beauty Rehab

Hey everyone!

It's that time again when I've almost filled another bag full of empties and need to share them with you. Again I've been pretty good but my stash just isn't going down, facial skincare seems to take up so much of it and you just can't pile it on or use it up like you can others like body moisturiser!

So without further ado here's my recent empties:


Clarins Cleansing Cream  - quite a good sample to try though I'm not sure I'd purchase the full size,felt a bit greasy which is surprising as my skin is on the dry side now
Vichy Densifying Care - honestly, I'm not sure what this is but I used it as a moisturiser. It was quite nice but I've never seen anything like it in the shops!
Benefit Porefessional - another travel size used up, I'll need to stock up somehow for my future travels! It's a great primer for all round
Rimmel Brow This Way - the high street version of Benefit's Gimme Brow, admittedly not as good but for my minimal budget whilst I'm saving it has been great. I've bought another to keep me going!


Antipodes Reincarnation Exfoliator - I have really liked every product I've tried from Antipodes but this one did feel a bit on the safe side, as a scrub it had more of a powder texture so was a very light scrub. Wouldn't repurchase but does smell amazing!
Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask - I need this in my life again, I must repurchase it but I'm using it as an incentive to use up all my other hydration masks and oils!
Rimmel Stay Matte - still the best powder out there for me, works a charm and doesn't break the bank, winning.
Models Own 4 way Nail Block - Can never go wrong with one of these blocks, makes me have natural looking manicured nails, perfect for work.


Sachet central this month!
Bb Color Minded Shampoo and Conditioner - really liked these and have miniature versions to try soon!
Rodial Stem Cell Facial Oil - REALLY liked this, shame about the £60/30ml price tag which means that I will never be able to afford it :(
Kiehls Cucumber Toner - as someone who can take or leave toner I was surprised how refreshing this felt though I can't say I would purchase the full size
Philosophy Keep the Peace cream - can't say this was for me, felt too perfumed and my skin didn't have a positive reaction
Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream - Really liked this when I had a full pot of it, the minis are great for travelling
StriVectin Antioxidant Defence Lotion - this was a lovely sachet too and my skin drank it up, haven't tried much from Strivectin before so would like to try more


Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum - this was a nice serum and my skin seemed to drink it up but the tester was really stingy. Not sure I'd purchase this
Jurlique Rosewater Mist - not a toner fan but I can't say this did anything for me
REN Global Protection Day Cream - not a fan, my skin didn't like this as it felt greasy and brought me out in a few spots
Vichy Dermablend - love this foundation, looks so natural on my skin and I have already repurchased


White Company Shampoo and Conditioner - these were from a set of testers given to me, I still stand by my statement that shampoo and conditioner need not be expensive
Stile One Step Primer - really liked this but it's expensive for the effects that it has, I've used cheaper with the same effects so I wouldn't repurchase right now
Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defense - this was light and didn't weigh my hair down but didn't feel any positive effects either!
Nip and Fab No Needle Fix Serum - full post coming on this one soon but I personally prefer the Dragon's Blood serum from N&F


No7 Brush Cleaner - This was sometimes useful but tended to leave a film on the brushes so I gave up in the end, made them far too oily
St Tropez Body Moisturiser - lovely moisturiser pre tanning as it's so light, would buy this if it wasn't more expensive than other moisturisers that do a similar job
Aussie Color Mate Shampoo - Aussie is my favourite hair brand, their 3 min miracle is my favourite conditioner and this shampoo is also on my repurchase list
SachaJuan Hair Repair - this was a lovely conditioner but nothing on the 3 min miracle mentioned above, wouldn't repurchase


JPG MaDame perfume - I have 2 bottles in the sidelines, favourite scent EVER
S&G Slimwear - Not sure this does anything at all to help reduce cellulite but extra moisturisation can never be a bad thing
Nioxin Scalp Treatment Spray - I think has gone off courtesy of the weird smell, can't comment on the effects of this one
Nip and Fab Cleansing Oil - after finding out this has mineral oil in I've been avoiding using it on my skin so it's just going to go in the bin now


Nars Creamy Concealer - new fave concealer, hydrating and good coverage, already repurchased
Nip and Fab Viper Venom Eye Roll On - really liked this, would repurchase when I finish some others in my stash
Caudalie Polyphenol Protect Fluid - not sure if this was a serum or not but it was lovely and hydrating, as an extra step with SPF I'd consider buying this
Caudalie Polyphenol Anti Wrinkle Defense Serum - another lush serum, my skin drank it up and felt really hydrated, would consider purchasing this

I have definitely been a busy bee finishing these up. As a quick life update I've just bought a house this week (SO SCARED AND EXCITED!!!!) so now using up my stash has become a huge priority so that I don't have to lug it all with me when I move all my stuff out!

I'll be starting working my way through more samples so the volume of products can be reduced as much as possible, big efforts are needed!

What have you been using up recently? Have you been getting through products at this rate?

L xxx

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Lush Golden Egg Bath Melt

Hey All

Lush Golden Egg is a bath bomb melt in their current Easter range and one we were lucky enough to get to try after attending an event (you can read more on it here and see the amazing carrot soap!)




Golden Egg is an amazing gold glitter egg for Easter and retails for £3.75. It's a Lush Bath Bomb melt so doesn't fizz quite as much as a normal bath bomb and provides a little bit of bubbles and some moisturiser. It would make a great alternative to an Easter egg for someone that doesn't eat chocolate.


It's got an amazing sweet toffee scent to it but also has bergamot and sweet orange oil so it's not sickly sweet and has a refreshing hint to it. To make it a melt it contains cocoa butter (which goes great with the toffee scent) and olive oil to leave your skin feeling amazing after a bath. Great for these grey days when you don't want to be cold and apply a moisturiser post bath!


You can see how glittery the egg is, and it comes off onto your skin easily so definitely not one to touch until the last possible moment!
I just dropped it straight into a hot bath and watched the magic slowly unfold.

This one took some time to melt away and made the bath a lovely sunshine yellow with a few bubbles. It was really moisturising too and is my favourite thing about Lush bath products as they make my skin feel so much nicer! Even though it's really glittery it leaves the bath looking shimmery and pretty but you're not left looking like a glitter ball when you get out.

Have you tried any of the Easter Range?

Lush have so many lovely products to try at the moment!

Love L and M


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