Friday, 24 October 2014

Beauty Rehab

Hey pals!

One minute I feel I've used nothing up.....the next minute my empties bag is overflowing and this time I actually broke it by picking it up! Oops.

Here's my beauty rehab installment for recent times, I've been working my way through my stash like a boss!


Ojon Detox Shampoo - really nice, not sure how much it costs but i generally believe that shampoo isn't worth paying out for, however if i did....this would rate quite highly!

Macadamia Conditioner - cheapy from Lidl, well worth a try for the money (£1 I think?) though I dod prefer more hydration for my colour damaged locks

Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist - I've never any idea if this really makes a difference but I thought this one smelled lovely and wasn't too heavy on my hair, thumbs up!

Charles Worthington Dry Shampoo - bought these for about 86p in the bargain section of Boots, will never bother with that again as these were absolutely crap. I begrudge paying 86p for cans of mist that disappear into thin air


Good Things Manuka Honey Cleanser - loved this and am using a different cleanser from them to see which is best; Good Things are really good and I can't wait to try more. currently using the matching moisturiser to this too!

Lacura Q10 Body lotion - This is an oldie but it's been great for sinking into skin straight away leaving it hydrated and non greasy. Would repurchase

Batiste - love at first use! Always the best.

Soltan Tan Exfoliator - great cheap exfoliator for use before tanning and any other time you feel the need for a good scrub; think the formula has got better recently too so well worth it especially as it is on offer quite a lot!


Molton Brown Facial Wash - used this for body as my skin is quite sensitive in my face. Lovely smell and foamed up well too, expensive as an every day one though!

Benefit Triple Performing Face Emulsion - sinks in super fast yet hydrates skin, it's a great one for use in the mornings for an even base for make up and also I used it in place of a serum in evenings for an extra boost.

Origins Make A Difference Hand Treatment - I will forever love the MAD range and even this hand cream makes it onto the list, lush smell and works a charm! Would repurchase

Nivea Q10 Skin Refining Serum - this didn't help my skin at all, it drank it up but it never felt hydrated. Wouldn't repurchase.


Oz Botanics Deep Conditioner - hated this, felt like my hair was coated with plastic.

S&G Righteous Butter - love love love, already on my Christmas list!

Origins MAD rejuvenating treatment - love the smell and my skin does feel clearer when using it though I do feel it's an additional product that isn't really necessary

Vichy Aqualia Thermal - love this, would repurchase both light and normal versions


Nip and Fab Tummy Fix - not convinced by this at all, wouldn't repurchase but I do love N+F as a brand

Aussie 3 min miracle - love Aussie, this was my last one and I think a new one will need to be purchased soon but need to work through some of my stash first

Baby shampoo - will forever be my go-to for washing brushes!


Porefessional - expect to see lots of these, I have 7 to use (eek!) which is very handy!

Crabtree and Evelyn - tester of handcream, very lovely and would recommend

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - not convinced this was the 'best' but it melted most make up off, wouldn't repurchase as I've others I prefer

Benefit Erase Paste - already repurchased, LOVE

Molton Brown lipsheer - bought for me ages ago and loved them, though they've gone off colour I've had them so long so decided to get rid. Lovely lovely gift!


All of these have been favourites for ages but sadly have either dried out or run out. Needless to say I've replaced them where possible but some aren't available any more.


Revlon Colorstay - love this, will repurchase when I've worked through the dregs of some other bottles

Korres Citrus little body milk - came in a Birchbox, love it and need the full size!

Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Eye Serum - also love this, have another ready to start once I've used some samples!

Revlon primer - fab primer for the £10ish price; worthy contender for Porefessional in my opinion and will repurchase

Origins MAD moisturiser - see above! This is just the travel size


Rapid Brow - my brows were lovely and conditioned after using this though no convinced it helped my brows grow as my small bald patches weren't helped!

Rapid Lash - same as above really, my lashes were in great condition afterwards

Rimmel 1000 Kisses - lovely colour, balm snapped on second use so that was disappointing

Elemis Lip balm - free with a magazine but really liked the peppermint smell

Benefit Gimme Brow - a product I thought I'd hate but fell head over heels for; need to repurchase but waiting for a cash injection into my purse!

So there we have it; what a ridiculous list of empties and used up products!

How is your stash looking? Mine has slimmed down in places but not in others. Skincare is definitely something that I'm obviously obsessed with!

What have you been using up lately?

L xxx

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Nars Blush in Orgasm

Hey there!

A few weeks ago I spent probably what is termed a 'ridiculous' amount of money in Space Nk. It was my first ever purchase from them so I thought it was fitting I picked up my first ever Nars product....or should I say five products! Whoops!



I went for it, and I thought after hearing so much about it for such a long time I had to pick up the Orgasm blush.

The packaging is monochrome and obviously a good start for me. It's made out of rubberised material which sadly gets dirty from make up the easiest out of any other product I've ever got my make up covered hands on. It's infuriating but I'm having to get over it and allow my fingerprints to build up on it. Sigh.



The Orgasm blush is a pinky corally blush with a beautiful rose gold shimmer; it's so flattering I can barely believe how easy it is to pile on in the morning in a rush.

In some ways its pinker than i would have imagined, but a quick swirl with a brush and this can be blended out for a very light wash of colour or piled up (it's really pigmented!) to give you a sexy glow of which i would imagine that's where the name came from!



On the skin with a quick swirl using a Real Techniques blush brush and here's the effects, without and then with flash:



Super flattering, subtle shimmer, perfect glow for every day wear. I think I've actually found a rival for Coralista which is saying something as someone who has lots of blush products and only uses the one. Sorry coralista but I imagine you're going to be having a holiday for the next few weeks!

I'm really impressed with my first Nars product and for £22.50 for 4.8g I'm pretty happy with the price too. It's great quality and I'd recommend it to anyone. I also snapped up another blush in my haul along with 2 lip pencils and a concealer so I'm sure they will feature in the reviews very soon.

Have you tried Nars? What's your favourite blush?

L xxx

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Foundation

Hey All

Another product from my Space NK splurge. I do love having new make up and it's even better when it's even better than you thought.

Lately I've not been wearing as much foundation. Mainly I'm too lazy in the mornings and have been giving my skin a break. I still get oily though so like to use a powder.



After watching Estee from EssieButton's foundation routine I new I had to order this. Her make up always looks amazing. I took a gamble on shade and hoped for the best. Luckily it paid off. Tender Rose is perfect for my pale skin. I remembered watching a video before where Estee had mentioned the lightest shade was too pale for her.



Mineral powders aren't something I've dabbled in before so I wasn't sure what coverage to expect or how easily it would be to apply.


The packaging spins round the cover the wholes so you don't waste product. Loose powders can get so messy so I was glad to see this feature! I've been using a buffing brush to apply it and it seems to give a great finish.


Bare skin with concealer. I have quite a red tone to my skin and it looks a bit patchy.



After the mineral powder. It blends flawlessly into my skin and looks so natural. I love that my freckles still show through (after spending ages trying to cover them for 'flawless' skin the other half has persuaded me I shouldn't cover them!) but my skin tone looks even.


Blushes apply easily over it and I find my skin looks natural and not cakey. I stopped wearing foundation for ages as it kept coming off and looking awful in work. This doesn't last all day but seems to come off naturally. I do get shiny by about 4pm but it's nothing major!

I've also used this over holy grail foundation illamasqua skin base (Review here) and it sets my make up and helps it last better!

I'm so impressed and I've used it everyday since I got it! It even works for bus make up! 

Love M


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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Nars Mata Hari

Hey All

Another one from my Space NK haul! That store could literally suck up all my wages. I got my first Nars item around Christmas last year and it was truly love at first use! The creamy concealer is only just running out and I have my back up purchased. It is THE best concealer ever and worth every penny. You can see the review on that here. It's holy grail now for me!

I knew I wanted to try a Nars blush. They are always mentioned and you never seem to see a bad review on them. I had really wanted Sin but it wasn't on the Space NK website. Everybody raves about orgasm but for me it didn't appeal. As my beloved dandelion (and I hadn't bought the Benefit blush palette at this point!) is running out I decided to go for a pink shade ready to replace that.



I didn't do my research and just gambled on Mata Hari. It isn't one I had seen before or one I'd read about but it looked like a nice pink so ended up in my basket.



As with all Nars products it does have the rubberised black packaging that will get grubby. I love that in their blushes there are full size mirrors. I'm a on the go make up girls lately and mirror's in products are always appreciated. 


Nars blushes are 4.8g and cost £22.50. For reference Benefit Dandelion is £23.50 for 7g. Nars Mati Hari is a lot more pigmented though. I've been so impressed with it. It's a really pretty slightly cool toned pink. I find I need the smallest amount of this to give a soft pink glow to my cheeks. I love the natural blush effect it gives!



In these photos it has been on for 7+ hours. It still gives a natural finish to my skin. I'm in love. I think this has knocked Dandelion of it's top spot which is a massive statement for me. I love that it can be built up for more colour if desired!

Now I just need more Nars blushes in my life! Any colour recommendations?

Love M


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