Monday, 20 October 2014

Colour Trend Lip Stix Foxy Fuchsia

Hey All

Happy Monday! I finally dragged my ass back to the gym after only running and kickboxing for the past two months. My first pump class was a struggle but it was great to be back in the gym!

A few months back I couldn't resist some new lipsticks from Avon. I've had the Colour Trend Lip Stix before so when I saw need shades I had to order. I've shared Reddy to Go before on the blog which is an amazing red you can see here.



One of the shades I picked up was Foxy Fuchsia! The packaging is the same as before in a twist up pencil style. I do love that the makes it easy to apply. It's a smallish tip meaning you can get good definition in your cupids bow.



Colour trend is a brand aimed more at teens and a younger market so the packaging suits that. I love the lip products. They are £4.50 each or a bargain 2 for £4. I love that Avon usually have offers.



This didn't disappoint with pigmentation, it also easily applies and doesn't drag. It goes on easily and application with the stick type pencil makes it really easy to apply. It leaves a slightly glossy finish to the lips and doesn't dry out.


Foxy fuchsia is a soft pink colour. I think it's true to colour to the photo above but can look different in different lights. It's a warm pink and seems to still flatter my winter skin. When I first bought it I thought it was more of a summer colour but I am loving it with pale skin and blue hair!


There are an impressive ten shades in the colour. I only have 3 but I can see more being ordered. They are a great one to throw in the handbag to reapply as they don't bleed. Now to choose which shades to order next!

Love M


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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Benefit's Christmas Gift Sets: Cheeky Sweet Spot

Good morning!

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend, we are currently suffering with hangovers and craving a greasy breakfast after spending the weekend at our friends house for a Harry Potter themed party, tour around the studios included! No doubt the themed cocktails and games will be explained in an upcoming post!

A few weeks ago we snapped up the Cheeky Sweet Spot blush set from Benefit after seeing it in Boots, and what a beauty it is:




How can you argue with a range of blush like this?!

I can't get my head around what an amazing set it is, especially for the £29.50 price tag. Not only is there 6 blushes in a range of colours and finishes there's also a brush and a little pot of Watt's Up.



I love the packaging style, it's like a gingerbread house and I love the Christmassy trees and colours on it too.

The box opens up to show the palette inside and also contains a booklet with tips and tricks on the best ways to use the blushes and bronzer.



The image above shows the Box o' Powder products laid out in a palette and the names of each one.

I've had Dandelion for years and Coralista is a firm fave with me; I've been raving about it for ages! You can see it's own review here.

The others are ones I've been desperate to try but never actually managed to get round to it (I've been saving my points for ages!)


Bella Bamba is a pink toned blush with a shimmer to it that I've often been recommended but I've never tried it myself having been obsessed with Coralista. Bella Bamba is absolutely beautiful and I can't believe I haven't listened to those who have recommended it to me, even Lisa Benefit herself told me I should be wearing it and now it's my new obsession. I can see me buying this in future!

Sugarbomb looks amazing in the palette and I was excited to try this after the success of BB, however I was really disappointed with this one. It's a quadrant of different colours but all have the same finish. For REALLY pale girls this might be great as a blush but as a fairly pale girl myself I didn't find this had much pigmentation, so I've been using it with the other blushes as a highlighter and it works great for that, though not for every day use!


Hoola is a gorgeous bronzer that doesn't have any shimmer in it and can be great for contouring. I tend to save this for weekends as I use my Bourjois one for work but the Hoola one is a perfect bronzer for contouring the cheekbones and adding a more defined look to the face.

Rockateur is another gorgeous shimmer blush, but it tends to be another highlighter for me as it's such a light rose gold colour.


This has been a perfect buy for me and I've loved trying out the new colours (new to me). Not to mention it's a bargain considering the weights of the products where Rockateur is actually the same size as the product to buy on its own.

Watt's Up is also a beautiful highlighter that can be blended into the cheekbones and eye bone for a soft and dewy glow.

Would fully recommend this as a Christmas present for a loved one or make up addict...........or maybe even yourself??


L xxx


Hey All

As L said we've had a great weekend catching up with friends in lots of Harry Potter themed goodness!

After a stroll through boots and seeing this beauty I took L to go and see it too! We were both totally persuaded! Who could leave such a beauty behind. It's a great way to try other blushes!

I own Dandelion and Rockateur. Dandelion is one of my all time favourite blushes. It's such a beautiful soft pink. You can see a full review on it here.

Rockateur is a warm rose gold colour and there is a full review of that here.



Cheeky Sweet Spot costs £29.50! It's such a bargain considering one powder is £23.50. The products are all different sizes. The rockateur in the box is actually the same size as the full size box! The others are less.



Hoola is a colour I've been wanting to try for ages. It's not got glitter or shimmer so is a perfect contour colour and doesn't have an orange undertone. So far it's not disappointed and is so pigmented.

Coralista is one of L's favourites but it's not a colour I'd picked up for myself. I'm not an orange girl. I never thought it really suited my skin tone. I was wrong this looks gorgeous on the cheeks!

Bellabamba is a colour I've never even considered. A shimmery pink is just a colour I didn't think I needed. It's great to shave shades in you wouldn't normally try. It looks gorgeous on pale skin and gives a nice flush.

Sugarbomb is a colour I've been a little disappointed in. It doesn't seem to be as pigmented as the others but it does have it's uses and does add a gorgeous shimmer over colours like Dandelion. It would also look good over hoola if you were going for a bronzed look.

Watt's up is another product I've wanted to try for ages. I'm a massive fan of highlighters but a cream one isn't that always appeals to me as I wasn't sure how it would be over powder. It gives a gorgeous subtle glow without looking like a glitter ball. It's perfect for day and night!


I absolutely love this!! I love the metal tin and it's such a great mix of all the colours you need so would be perfect for travelling! This is a must have set in my opinion!

Thanks benefit for such an awesome set. I can see a lot more of my money going on the gift sets! Are any taking your fancy?

Love M


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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Lush Ocean Salt Scrub

Hey pals!

This is a super quick post from me as were both on our way to....wait for it.....HARRY POTTER STUDIOS TODAY!!!

To say I'm excited is an understatement, we went once over a year ago but this time it coincides with the Dark Arts exhibition so were very excited to see the extra things and go with a group of friends too. Expect a post and lots of tweets, eek!

That aside, I've been loving a bit of Lush lately which for me is out of the norm as I'd never normally travel that end of town. but a few new purchases and a few blogger goody bags and I'm slowly changing my mind. I've got a few reviews coming up but this one is for the Ocean Salt Scrub which I'm sure for many of you is nothing new at all, but for me, it's love!



First off, I picked this one in the Self Preserving formula which is fairly new for this product and it means it will last AGES which is great news for me as I like to swap and change things sometimes or might give my skin a break from certain types of products for a bit as it is weirdly sensitive (currently nursing a reaction from e45 cream from 4 weeks ago, siiiiiiiiiiigh)

The ingredients in this lovely product can be seen in the image below, if somewhat blurry at the end:



I've been using this for face and body and it smells absolutely GORGEOUS. i think what puts me off about Lush is the strong smells, I know everyone loves them but I can't stand them! My nose is very sensitive and I can smell scents quite quickly, there's no need to over power my nose. Things like Snow Fairy look gorgeous but I just can't deal with the smell, sorry superfans!

The citrus smell of this beauty is something that I just can't get enough of, its FABULOUS and my pot is diminishing faster than a plate of food does in my house (trust me, thats lightning speed!)

You only have to look at it to see it's pretty swirl of cream and blue and then get a whiff of fresh citrus scents to want it and it has certainly won me over. I've been using this in the shower on face and body, the usual backs of the arms kind of places and my skin has been super smooth and not irritated in the slightest.


The smell wakes me up in the mornings and the scrubby bits do the perfect job of exfoliation, cannot go wrong with this one!

As if it wasn't perfect enough already, it has also got vodka and coconut oil in, what a winner.

The 250g pot of this costs £13.95 which is a bit steep, but when you know its 100% natural and unlikely to become a product that adds to the millions of microbeads washing into our water systems all the time then you know you're onto a good one!

Have you tried Ocean Salt Scrub? do you prefer the self preserving one? What else would you recommend from lush for me to try that isn't too strong on the nose?

L xxx

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Lush H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment

Happy Friday lovelies!

On a recent trip to Lush in Cardiff for a blogger event I was won over by the sound of the H'suan Wen Hua hair treatment; although I have absolutely no idea how to say it!



This hair treatment claims to improve the condition, lustre and combability of hair; it's protein rich and nourishing containing ingredients used for centuries to help strengthen hair.

It contains free range eggs, bananas and avocados along with a myriad of oils.

It did concern me that it also contains alcohol and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) which can damage your hair by drying it, but when I asked the assistant in store she explained that the treatment can be so thick that it is necessary for them to be present to help remove it from the hair or it would never come off. This is understandable and hopefully the positive effects will outweigh any effects of the alcohol and SLS.


So as in the image above you apply this treatment to dry hair for 20 mins before washing and conditioning as normal. I normally think of this too late and don't have 20 minutes spare but I've been trying hard to actually use the things I buy and have made special effort to get my hair in good condition for being cut and dyed.


The treatment is thick and cream coloured, with a strong smell of cloves. To be honest i wasn't a huge fan of the smell but it wasn't too overpowering so I put up with it! I'm not one of those people who like strong fragrances at all, I'm that person who likes the 'fluffy towels' or 'clean cotton sheets' type candles so cloves really aren't my thing!

That said it was easy to apply, if a little cold feeling and I pottered around setting up my shower and getting my clothes out for afterwards whilst it worked its magic. It rinsed off really easy and then I shampooed and conditioned as normal.


I really liked this hair treatment, I'm not sure I'd rush to repurchase as it's quite expensive for the £9.75 price tag for what was three applications worth. My hair is very long so it is quite a lot when you compare with other hair treatments which cost around £5 for the same size tub.

It's really nice to know that the ingredients are 100% natural and I know you pay more for it but still, it is something that i have to factor in to my choices nowadays.

If money was no option though i would repurchase because I liked the results, my hair was shinier and appeared to be in better condition. it also felt stronger too and after more applications I'm sure it would improve quite a lot. 


I'd definitely recommend the H'Suan Wen Hua hair treatment, though maybe for individuals with longer hair there may be a cheaper alternative? Who knows, I'll have to investigate!

Have you tried this hair treatment? Which is your favourite? 

My hair needs more suggestions asap!

L xxx

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